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Bring on the Sunshine, Kendall County

Project Facts

Plano Skies Solar Project

Plano Skies Energy Center, LLC is proposing an up to 250 megawatt (MW) solar electric generation facility and co-located approximately 100 MW energy storage facility in Kendall County, Illinois. This project has the potential to generate enough energy to power the equivalent of up to 65,000 average Illinois homes every year. We are excited to be working in partnership with the city, county officials, local residents, and landowners to bring Kendall County the opportunity to host a clean, environmentally compatible, renewable energy project.

Check out our updated project map, which we adjusted in August 2023 based on feedback from local residents and city officials.

• The land west of Little Rock Road will be removed from the project area based on community feedback, drainage considerations, and engineering considerations.

• The southernmost border of the project has been moved north, further away from Sweetbriar Place and Rosewood Street, to create additional space between the project and existing homes on those streets.

• A small area next to Little Rock Road was removed so no portion of the project touches Little Rock Road.  The majority of the project perimeter will be roughly ½ mile (or more) away from Little Rock Road.

• The total area now being considered for the project is approximately 1680 acres, a reduction of over 350 acres from the previous project area.

• Additional vegetative screening has been added to the border of the project to maintain a visual aesthetic for many residential homes and high-traffic area


Project Map adjusted in August 2023

Benefits of a Solar Project

A solar project provides a healthy, productive economic development opportunity for local landowners to harvest a stable cash crop—the sun. Benefits include positive impacts to the local economy through revenue to local governments and support to other local services.

In addition to being safe and compatible with agricultural and rural residential uses, solar energy facilities exist in harmony with wildlife and the environment. They make good neighbors because they operate almost silently without producing odor or byproducts or attracting additional traffic.

In the bigger picture, solar energy projects provide an abundant, earth-friendly, sustainable power resource to help stabilize electricity costs. These amazing systems lessen carbon emissions and contribute to the diversification of the nation’s electricity grid.

Adjustments to the project
Project Information


Plano Skies Solar Project is located in Kendall County, Illinois, north of Plano.

Image by Federico Respini

Size & Acres

This project has the potential to utilize 1,680 acres or more, which will consist of all project components, including the solar panels, access roads, and other infrastructure necessary for the operation of the facility.

We have made some adjustments based on feedback from the community. Click here to view those details.

Image by American Public Power Association


Plano Skies Solar Project will serve the PJM power grid by interconnecting to the ComEd 138 kV transmission line within the project site.

Local Benefits

Local Economic Impact

Solar power produces direct positive economic impacts by contributing to the economic revitalization of local communities through increases to the local tax base and by creating stable revenue to fund local schools and other taxing bodies.  

Solar power also generates indirect positive economic impacts during the construction process as local businesses (restaurants, gas stations, hotels, stores, and more) and supply chains experience an influx of customers. 

Plano Skies Solar Project Benefits

  • Approximately $250,000,000 Capital Investment in Plano Community

  • As much as over $40 million in New Property Tax Revenue to help fund the Plano School District, City of Plano, Kendall County, Emergency Services, and Other Taxing Entities.

  • The project could generate over four times more tax revenue than current taxes generated by the land.  This benefits every taxpayer in the City of Plano and Kendall County by creating more tax dollars to help fund local taxing jurisdictions.   

  • Up to 300 temporary jobs created, plus some full-time jobs

  • Over $10,000,000 in new spending for local businesses such as restaurants, hotels, gas stations, entertainment venues, equipment rental, and other goods and services providers.    

  • New scholarships and new educational opportunities created for Plano School District students

  • Up to 65,000 average Illinois homes powered by the sun!


*The above estimates are based on a 250MW project and are subject to change as project development continues. 

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Upcoming Events & News

Project News & Events

Community Meeting

Sept. 28, 2023

6-8:30 p.m.

Featured expert presentations followed by Q&A 


Thank you to everyone who attended the community meeting in September. The video recording of the event can be found HERE.

Open House

June 30, 2022

3-7 p.m.

Attendees met the team and learned more about the project.

Contact the Team

Contact the Team

Your Development Team

Greg Vander Kamp
Development Director

Emma Tajchman 2.png

Emma Tajchman

Senior Permitting and

Environmental Manager

Thank you!

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